HUGS for Savannah…Help Change Lives

Dr. B is a proud supporter and contributor to H.U.G.S., Heads-Up Guidance Services. H.U.G.S. is a non-profit organization, making both professional counseling, for both mental & behavioral health, addiction recovery services, & vocational guidance available and affordable to all who desire growth & independence regardless of their ability to pay. H.U.G.S.’ programs are made possible by community donations and dedicated volunteers.  They typically serve those who do not have the financial means to obtain help elsewhere.

They strive to bridge the gap in social services by partnering with other organizations that do not have the means to offer a counseling component in their service plan.  Currently providing outreach counseling for partners such as: Old Savannah City Mission, Austin House, Performance Initiatives, YouthBuild Savannah, e-CONNECT, and Family Promise.  H.U.G.S.’ professional volunteers also teach two weekly Substance Education Classes at Savannah State University.

H.U.G.S. serves individuals who lack the necessary means to obtain professional services elsewhere – services that will enable them to become viable and productive community members. These individuals are typically without insurance and/or do not qualify for Medicaid.  Their Counseling and Guidance components are essential for long-term success, and such clinical services, paired with vocational and life skills components, are the backbone of the H.U.G.S. Program.

The compassionate staff is committed  to a comprehensive approach, offering many opportunities for social rehabilitation and community integration.

Serving clients of all ages…Individual and Group therapy…also offering an Intensive Outpatient Program

Lee Thornberg, Sandy Bohnstengel, & Charlie Jolivette


There are many ways to support H.U.G.S. Visit the GIVE HUGS! page to find out how you can help today!

4th Annual Boo Bash 2018!

Dr. B has been a regular participant at the H.U.G.S charity fundraiser. Formerly Dancing with the Docs, the Boo Bash is an annual fundraiser benefiting H.U.G.S. Watch Dr. B. as she whirls across the floor showing off her fabulous ballroom dance skills while raising money for this wonderful cause!

dr halloween